Thursday, July 15, 2010

Upcycling Love: Spare Metal Car Parts into Home Decor!

Posted by Crystal

What do you do when you are an automotive engineer and you love cars and you have a ton of spare metal parts laying around?

Well, if you are my friend Tom, you bust out your welding gun and make some sweet ass candlesticks and a toothbrush holder!

The bases of the candlesticks are spider gears from a rear axle.  The stems are exhaust valves from an engine and the candle holders are valve springs.

The toothbrush holder is a large intake valve from an engine with two valve springs welded to it.

Close-up of the toothbrush holder.  The metal can get a little rusty in the moist bathroom, so make sure to apply lots of layers of clear coat!

How cool is it to take something you love and bring it into your home in creatively upcycled ways?!?  

So, blog readers, do you have any nifty upcycled projects made from things you just adore?  Are you a bibliophile and make purses/lampbases/shelves out of books?  Or maybe you love vintage china and use it to make trays/wall decor/mosaics? 

Email us at and we'll post your upcycled projects on our blog!


  1. I suppose you want us to think that you knew what those car parts were without having to ask Tom, right? Pffff

    No, really...AWESOME. Tom, you're a crafty crafty man.

    I have tons of upcycled stuff I can share with you! Also, there will be photos on my blog next week showing how I used 99% upcycled materials to give my vendor table (for craft shows) a makeover.

  2. Fabulous I especially love the the toothbrush holder. I sent you a couple of pictures, I love creating with bottle caps and am always on the hunt for unique ones; it makes grocery shopping a little more fun and a lot more time consuming.

  3. Aisle 3: LOL I knew that I was gonna get busted for playing like I knew what all those parts were. :P

    Christine's Beadworks: We're glad you like the projects...we'll post your upcycling love bottle cap photos soon!