Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am the Leslie Knope of Craft...

Posted by Crystal

Confessional Time:  I am a nerdy birdie county parks junkie.  I love, love, love that there are so many parks and nature preserves in Genesee County.  I go absolutely bonkers when I see deer or rabbits or other woodland creatures in nature.  I don't know why.  I just do.  :shrugs:

So, when Genesee County Parks and Recreation invited Flint Handmade to host a craft workshop for their summer programming, I was like, "HECK YEAH!"  This, of course, prompted a ton of Leslie Knope jokes at my expense from my fellow FH committee members.  Thanks, girls!  :P

We decided to go with a 2-part family-friendly upcycling series.  At our first workshop, we taught kids and their parents how to make chip bag wrapper chains that we turned into bracelets.  We learned this awesome skill from Mercedea at The Flint Public Library who created an upcycling info page on the FPL website

Michelle uses the rotary cutter to cut chip bags into strips while A'lasia (l) and Megan look on.

Katie from Genesee County Parks became an expert at the wrapper the end of the workshop, her chain was so long that she made a tiara!

All of the kids show off their awesome chip bag bracelets!  Bottom row (l-r): A'lasia, Derrick, Malik, Megan.  Middle row (l-r): Kai, Tenajia, Madie.  Top row: Me.

At our second Genesee County Parks workshop, we are going to make no sew duct tape bags which we also made at the June 2010 craftLAB.  Feel free to join us at Davison Roadside Park on Wednesday, July 28 from 7pm-8:30pm if you would like to make a bag!

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