Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Craft Supply Swap (August 2, 2009)

Flint Handmade (FH) hosted our first Craft Supply Swap! The turnout was great. Lots of great supplies were donated and then snatched up by other crafters! :)

Out next Craft Supply Swap will be on the first Sunday in February 2010. Don't miss it!

Lots of donated yarn!

All kinds of crafty goodies!

Amy of Made With Luv digs through the felted wool table.

Crissy Herron (l) of Indie Biz Chicks and Bethany Nixon (r) of Reware Vintage check out the goods!

Lots of lovely ladies checkin' out the swap!

So many great supplies, so little time!

Story of Stuff (July 31, 2009)

Flint Handmade (FH) cosponsored a screening of Story of Stuff (http://www.storyofstuff.com/) with LINK Community Arts at The Lunch Studio. Story of Stuff is a 20-minute video that discusses production, consumption and sustainability.

Flint Handmade featured four vendors who use reclaimed, vintage, and natural materials: Crystal Pepperdine (beautiful JUNK), Michelle Stolz (Aisle 3), Erin Caudell (Stone Sheep) and Sarah Richter (yarnscratch).

Check out the pics!

Our sign is so cute!

Tunde Olaniran faciliates the discussion and calls up volunteers for the "trash bag" activity.

Attendees open their "trash bag" and discuss how to reduce consumption and waste.

Erin Caudell and Nayyirah Shariff love shopping at the Aisle 3 table! Most Aisle 3 items are made from vintage treasures...which keeps them in circulation and out of the trash!

The handmade dolls by yarnscratch are adorable! Most yarnscratch creations are made from donated yarn or fabric.

Tracey Whelpley of The Lunch Studio checks out a notebook from Michelle Stolz of Aisle 3.

Flint Handmade New Blog!

Flint Handmade is excited to announce out new blog! Find us here at flinthandmade.blogspot.com!

We'll be posting pictures from recent events, craft project ideas, links to awesome websites, and much more! Feel free to email us suggestions for future posts at flinthandmade@hotmail.com.

Happy Crafting!

Amy, Crystal, Michelle and Tracey