Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fantastic Craftiness Photo Tour: 2010 Baar Bazaar!

Posted by Crystal

May I just say...Baar Bazaar at The Majestic Theatre was freakin' awesome!  I saw soooo many of my favorite vendors and lots of new crafters with really innovative products.  Plus, there was TONS of good stuff for guys! 

Allow me to take you on a photo tour of the fantastic craftiness:

Liz of Random Noise Bursts makes the coolest drawstring bags out of old tshirts.  She accepts donations of tshirts, so feel free to send some her way!

Rachel (l) and Jennifer of The Funky Eye Patch are the cutest crafty sisters ever!

I am madly in love with the Boh Bon Soap Company packaging.  You rock that paper, Chrissy!

Krystal of White Lily Jewelry is my new favorite jewelry artist!

Jill's Barrel of Monkeys buttons and magnets are always clever and hilarious.  I had to get a True Blood magnet for my little sis.  :)

Christina (l) and Dennis with their gorgeous Perfect Laughter screenprinting.  Crafty couples rock my socks!

Who can resist a tough guy selling baby gear for his girlfriend?  Justin watches over Butter Bean Inc. while cutie patootie Ashley shops the Bazaar.

Amber of Woolly Mammoth Design makes the most adorable sweater creatures.  The squid is just perfect!

Deanne of by deets was selling these nifty radio tube critters.  Deanne, I saw a bunch of radio tubes for sale at an antique store in Northville!  I'll email you the info.  :)

Jason (l) chucks the deuces...and paints the most adorable pictures!  He sells as Paintings by Jason Gibnerd on Etsy.

Chris of Detroit GT had THE BEST automotive/Detroit apparel.  I still need to get one of those Detroit Vette shirts, Chris!

I didn't meet you at your Paper a la Mode table, Ashley.  But, your mom really held it down!  Email us at flinthandmade@hotmail.com when you get your Etsy up.

These nerdy lovebirds (and their Scrabble tile crafts) were so stinkin' cute!  Check them out at Double Nerd Score.

Two of the lovely ladies of Handmade Detroit: Amy (l) of My Marigold and Bethany of Reware Vintage.  Great job putting together Baar Bazaar, Bethany!

This is Leann.  Leann works at The Majestic Cafe.  Leann is my new best friend because she totally gave me a bag for all of the stuff I bought at Baar Bazaar.  I gave Leann a Flint Handmade Follower Card and took her picture for the blog.  This is that picture.

My haul (l-r): Wellies Notecards by Sloe Gin Fizz, Aqua Flower Hairpin by ttishbite, Black and White Button Ring by The Funky Eye Patch, Green Owl by Woolly Mammoth Design, Black Flower Ring by White Lily Jewelry, True Blood Magnet by Barrel of Monkeys and Scrabble Tile Keyring by DoubleNerdScore.  All of my stuff is displayed on vintage fabric I bought at Baar Bazaar from Justin.  :)

For lots more pics, check out our 2010 Baar Bazaar set on flickr.