Thursday, June 24, 2010

PiP = Project in Process: Glass Mosaic Tray

Posted by Crystal

A few weeks ago, I told you all about my newest creative endeavor: a glass mosaics class at the Flint Institute of Arts.

Well, feast your eyes upon my Project in Process...which I am now calling PiPs!  As you can see, I decided to incorporate the red glass.  :)

using craft goop to adhere the glass tiles to the tray

close up of the glass tiles

my two-fifths done tray

I'm using reclaimed materials, so I don't have enough matching glass to cut tiles for the rest of the tray.  I'm trying to think of other ways to finish the project.  Here are the three options we came up with in class:

#1 - Tile the left side of the tray in an entirely different pattern and/or color scheme and create some kind of dividing design down the middle.

#2 - Use up the rest of my already cut tiles to finish exactly half the tray and then tile the left side in a different style.

#3 - Use up the rest of my already cut tiles to create a border around the sides of the tray and then tile inside the border in a different style.

I think #3 is my favorite idea, so I made a mock up to see what it would look like:

option #3 mock up with triangle tiles

So, what do you think, blog readers?  Which option should I pick for my PiP? 

And, if you have any PiPs of your own, email some photos to us at!  We would love to blog about your PiPs, too!

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  1. I like idea #3 but maybe with a less busy design in coordinating colors Although the layout you have of the triangle glass looks pretty one of those damn puzzle things you can never get the last piece to fit into, haha!