Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flint Handmade Vendors at Flint Art Fair!

Posted by Crystal

I was so excited to see TWO Flint Handmade vendors at the Flint Art Fair this year!

Jade of Stick Nymph and her adorable printed cards.

Steph of Frankenstitch Productions and her awesome monsta plush dolls.

Also, this lady totally blew my mind!

She was making tiny life-like flowers and insects out of colored clay.  Her attention to detail was amazing and each one only took her a few minutes.  She didn't have any business cards, but if you know her name or email, please let us know!

Gwen got a red and purple tiny clay butterfly...

...and then April had to go back and get a pink and purple butterfly!

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  1. Don't know if you'll get this comment...found this site while trying to find advertising/marketing for 2011 Fair...oh, there wasn't ANY!!!...well, that's another story.
    The above artist is "Nana's Clay Flowers" Ron & V. Tara. 800 W. College, Seminole OK 74868. ph. 405.382.5527, fax 405.382.5567. Email: NANACLAY@mbo.net. She does sell her recipe for her clay. Was totally bummed that she wasn't at the 2011 Fair.
    I think they have a website, maybe NANACLAY.com? It wasn't on their business cards, which they had for a while, but probably ran out. Amazing talent, just amazing.