Thursday, June 3, 2010

CRAFT TUTORIAL: Photo Corner Cards

Posted by Crystal

Ok, here's how it all went down: 

Michelle (who you may know as the FH Director of Technology and the mastermind behind Aisle 3) needed thank you cards to give to friends and family who had recently helped her fix up her yard and garage. 

I needed motivation to work on a new craft well as a summer bag/purse to carry all my junk.

So, we made a trade: Michelle gave me motivation and I gave her the cards I made with said motivation.  And, soon, she's gonna give me a sweet upcycled bag...of which I will take lots of pics to post here.  ;)

Since we got a great giving mood going on, we're gonna give YOU something now, too!  You get a Flint Handmade Craft Tutorial!!!  We hope to make and post lots of tutorials on our blog and website.

Today's tutorial is on Photo Corner Cards.  These are the actual cards I made for Michelle.  We hope you enjoy!

Photo Corner Cards

1) Small Images (found in catalogs, magazines, junk mail, packaging, old greeting cards, etc.)
2) Cardstock (only needed if your images are printed on thin paper)
3) Gluestick (only needed if your images are printed on thin paper)
4) Paper Cutter (or scissors)
5) Photo Corners (available in the scrapbooking department of craft stores)
6) Stamp (with whatever lettering you want: thank you, happy birthday, etc.)
7) Ink Pad
8) Cards (or cardstock to make cards)
9) Envelopes
10) Packaging Materials (clear bag, ribbon, etc.)

Step 1: If your images are printed on thin paper, glue them to cardstock to make them a little thicker.  This will help them stay neat and flat in the photo corners.  If your images are already printed on cardstock, skip ahead to Step 2.

Step 2: Using a paper cutter (or scissors), cut your images out.  Cut just inside the line of the image for the cleanest look.

Step 3: Place the photo corners on the edges of your image and adhere the corners (with the image inside) to the card.

Step 4: Stamp your lettering underneath the image and include an envelope with each card.

Step 5: Package your cards.  You can place them in a clear bag or wrap them with ribbon or create your own cute packaging!

If this tutorial inspires you to make your own Photo Corner Cards, email us at  We would love to see and post photos of your cards on our blog!


  1. I am so glad you posted this! Helping and inspiring other crafters is a wonderful feeling. I have started collaborating with HandsomeandLace in Toronto and it was a good kick in the butt and gave me motivation that I needed to make sure I allow myself a block of time weekly to set aside for crafting. Sometimes we get so busy with our other jobs, it can be tough to feel creative when you get home exhausted.

    I plan on forcing myself a pocket of time every week that I devote to crafting. Comfortably Lovely suggests you try it, if you are in a rut or you don't feel like you ever have time for yourself and your art.

    Comfortably Lovely

  2. AMEN

    Best connection I've ever had with a crafter!