Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CRAFT TUTORIAL: Handsewn Button Mini-Cards

Posted by Crystal

Amy needed small cards to include with her Made With Luv etsy sales.  Always a good idea to thank the customer!  She saw the thank you cards I made for Michelle and wanted some of her own in a smaller version.

So, using the leftover card pieces I had from cutting Michelle's cards to fit the envelopes, I whipped up some easy mini-cards!  And, now you can, too!

Handsewn Button Mini-Cards


1) Small Blank Cards (or cardstock to make cards)
2) Stamp (with whatever lettering you want: thank you, happy birthday, etc.)
3) Ink Pad
4) Assorted Buttons
5) Assorted Thread
6) Packaging Materials (clear bag, glass bottle, ribbon, etc.)

 Step 1: Stamp your mini-cards toward the left side of the card.  Clear stamps work great for this since you can see exactly where you are stamping.

 Step 2: Choose which buttons you want to place on the cards.  Larger buttons look great by themselves and smaller buttons look good paired up.

 Step 3: Choose which thread you want to use to sew the buttons to the cards.  Feel free to choose a variety of different colors.

 Step 4: Sew the buttons to the cards.  If your buttons have 4 holes, an X stitch looks awesome.

Step 5: Package the cards in a glass jar or other cute packaging.  Since these cards are being included with etsy purchases, envelopes are not really necessary, but you could make your own small envelopes using a template.

If you make these cards (or envelopes), be sure to email pictures to us at flinthandmade@hotmail.com.


  1. They're really cute, and I don't know if it was planned but those who receive the cards could use the buttons in their own sewing projects!

  2. What a great idea, Jenni! I didn't even think about the recipient reusing the buttons, but that's perfect!