Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue House Holiday MittenMade Craft Show Recap!

Posted by Crystal Pepperdine, Founder and Executive Director of Flint Handmade

The MittenMade Holiday Craft Show at Blue House Ann Arbor was spectacular!  Thank you so much to Siobhan and Nicole for organizing such a cozy, friendly, happy event.
I was so excited for my Flint Handmade and beautiful JUNK display!  Our new FH vinyl banners are fabulous!

Nicole of Sloe Gin Fizz always has one of the most attractive and cohesive displays.  I just love her stuff!

I'm loving these fabric alphabet letter ornaments from Carrie of Burnt Desserts!

Lots of sweet raffle prizes!  Post a comment if you won something!

Oh, yes, my dears...those are, in fact, muffs on the far right.  Casey of Fartsy Arts is bringing back the muff!

Siobhan's stinkin' adorable fairy doors and shortie people!

Courtney of Courtney Fischer Jewelry always has such gorgeous necklaces and earrings.

All of the fabric colors and patterns used by Haley of Sweet Sugar Beet make me smile!

Stuffed owls and feather cat nip toys by Ashley of Butter Bean, Inc.  Gotta remember the puppies and kitties for the holidays!

I finally got to meet Jenni of TinkerDot Designs!  Her collages are so cute and colorful!

Me (l) and my little sis, April, in front of Elana's Little Sisters Jewelry.  Although I am older, my little sis is taller.  However, to be fair, she was rockin' heels and I was wearing flats, so she is not actually this much taller than me in real life! ;)

We heart Dylan's International Robot shirts!

Liz of Aromaholic also vended at the Flint Handmade Holiday Craft Market and her soaps continue to smell ridiculously tasty!

Marta of Marta England Designs had some of the most beautiful and intricate jewelry.

Excellent upcycled ornaments and other goods from Ashley and Angela of Again.

Fantastic photo blocks by Kate of Chicaloo Photography and More.

Lovely tea cozies and other knit treasures by Ashia of Needle Knots!

Doesn't the Flint Handmade Knuckles sticker just look so perfect with this little girl's coat and hat combo?!?

I had a wonderful time chatting with all of the shoppers and vendors at Holiday MittenMade!  Hope to do it again soon.  :)


  1. Great write up Crystal. Thank you for putting it all together + capturing great photos! Have a relaxing holiday lady! Thanks for bringing FH to A2!

  2. Thanks for the mention Crystal! It was a pleasure to be a part of - as you put it - such a "cozy, friendly, happy event" and to expand my circle of crafty compatriots to include FlintHandmade. Loved your "beautiful junk!" - Ashley

  3. Great recap, Crystal! Perfect photos, as always and thanks so much for the shout out! Loving my beautiful junk treats!

  4. Yeah! Great pictures and write up, thanks Crystal and Happy New Year!!