Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shop Handmade for the Holidays at City Bird in Detroit!

Posted by Crystal Pepperdine, Founder and Executive Director of Flint Handmade

While I was down in Detroit for the 2010 Detroit Urban Craft Fair, I made my first of what I am sure will be many trips to City Bird

City Bird is a handmade and vintage store, studio and gallery owned and operated by siblings Emily and Andy Linn. Emily was staffing the register when I stopped by and she is a total sweetheart!  We recognized each other, but couldn't remember where we met. 

You know you've been in the handmade movement for long time when you can't figure out how you know fellow craftivists anymore!  Everyone just blends into this lovely amalgamation of handmade happiness.

Enjoy these photos I took at City Bird, but do try to get down to the D to see the store for yourself.  You won't regret it!

I heart notecards with a feverish passion.  I'm a big fan of sending and receiving notes in the postal mail.  I'm in the market for a vintage wax seal if anyone has any good leads.

Reusable produce bags...love it!

Awesome vintage trunk display.

Lots of pretties! 

These leather earrings reminded me that I have really been wanting to work with leather ever since I went to the Leather and Tin Shop at Crossroads Village in Flint this summer.  I think I will have to write a 2011 Crafty Resolutions post, so all of you lovely blog readers can hold me accountable.  ;)

Fabulous vintage finds.

When Flint Handmade opens a store, I would love to have a record player on hand to play all of the records that don't get upcycled into notebooks and bowls...

...and clocks!

Honestly, these photos couldn't possibly capture all of the awesomeness at City Bird, so be sure to visit the shop yourself if you are in Detroit!

And, don't forget that Flint Handmade will be vending our Official Knuckles Merchandise at the MittenMade Holiday Craft Show at Blue House Ann Arbor THIS SATURDAY from 11am-6pm!


  1. I got my wax seal at the Peaceable Kingdom in Ann Arbor, though they've got a bunch on amazon too. They're wonderful and make people feel pretty special when letters/cards are closed with them. :)

  2. Thanks for the tip, DesiAmina! I try to get to The Peaceable Kingdom this weekend since I will be vending at MittenMade at Blue House Ann Arbor. :)