Monday, October 4, 2010

Yudu Screenprinting Demo at craftLAB = Dozens of Knuckles and Smiles!

Posted by Crystal

SPECIAL MONDAY POST!  Well, I was so excited about our Yudu Screenprinting Demo yesterday that I just had to tell you about it today instead of on my regular Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule.  Enjoy!

It's official...the Yudu Screenprinting Demo was the most fun craftLAB ever!!!  Dozens of people brought their shirts, hoodies and totes to The Lunch Studio to get screenprinted with the Flint Handmade Knuckles logo for FREE!

We started with a tutorial from Michelle (l) on how to use the Yudu.

Within a few minutes, everyone was ready to start screenprinting!  Susanna (r) was the first person to give the Yudu a try...

...and doesn't she look pleased as punch with how her shirt came out?!

Cliff had been paying very close attention to the tutorial and jumped right in to screenprint his shirt...

...and he looks so happy with his new FH knuckles shirt, too!  After Susanna and Cliff got the ball rolling, everyone started cranking their shirts out!

Isn't this a great "Oh, look at my shirt!" face that Katie is making?!

Debbie's smile is priceless...she loved using the Yudu!

Of course, we Flint Handmade ladies had to get in on the action!  Amy (l), Michelle and I were so excited to try printing on Amy's black fabric tote.

I actually cheered out loud when we lifted the screen to reveal Amy's looks so stinkin' awesome!

Steph just had to point out how much she loved the citron lime color on baby Olive's green shirt.  And, check out those genuine smiles on Michelle's and Nicole's (r) faces in the background. 

On the morning of craftLAB, Nicole woke up to a flat tire on her car, so she had to take her husband's car.  Of course, in the drama of dealing with the tire, the shirt she was planning to screenprint got left in her car.  But, clever, clever gal that she is, Nicole found a remnant of cotton fabric in her husband's car.  Now, she can sew the Flint Handmade logo on whatever awesome craft she wants to make...a shirt, a tote, a blanket, the sky is the limit!  Make sure you email us a photo of the final product, Nicole!

I can just hear Tonya saying, "Mm-hmm, that's right, I MADE THIS SHIRT!"

Amy rocks her shades with her new Flint Handmade hoodie.

Jessica absolutely adored how the turquoise blue popped on her daughter Lucy's hot pink shirt.

Jenni (l) and Dillard smile at how fantastic the citron lime looks on Jenni's gray shirt.  I think he is going to want to bring his own shirt to get screenprinted next time.  ;) 

At the end of craftLAB, I just had to get a photo of Alpha (l) and Lucy doing their best Knuckles logo impersonation.  We have the next generation of crafters right here in Flint.  The girls kept looking at their shirts and saying, "That's MY handmade!"  Too adorable! 

Thanks to everyone who attended craftLAB.  You all made this such a successful and fun crafternoon!  For lots more photos, visit our Yudu Screenprinting Demo Flickr Set.

If you couldn't make it this time, no worries!  We will be offering another Yudu Screenprinting Demo in 2011.  Keep an eye on our blog for more information!


  1. So freakin cool! Wish I could have been there. Waiting anxiously for 2011 demo…

  2. I'm really excited that my shirt turned out so well. I'm actually wearing it right now showing my pride of all things crafty and Flint.

    While watching others use the Yudo I got excited for them, especially when the end result was so successful. I was vicariously experiencing the machine through them until it was my turn. I was a little nervous, but maybe that's because I've never screen printed before, which is silly considering I have my own kit.

    I'm just intimidated to do it on my own. But now that I have this success under my belt I think I would be okay to do it. Though I am still tempted to get a Yudo machine or even a Gocco printer!

  3. Shannon and Nicole: We can't wait to have you join us for the Yudu Demo in 2011! We're thinking it will be in March for National Craft Month. ;)

    Jenni: It's awesome that you are rocking the crafty Flint pride. We're so glad you feel confident about screenprinting now!