Thursday, October 14, 2010

We're Getting New Signage and a Gift for Tracey with Our $150!

Posted by Crystal

Thank you to everyone who commented on the How Should Flint Handmade Spend $150?!? Blog!

We received so many great ideas on how Flint Handmade could spend our 10% of the ArtServe mini-grant.

Our favorite idea came from j8783b (Jessica), who wrote:

"Every time I've been to an event, the signage outside blows away. I like the idea of new banners. Or buying something nice for Tracey, because she's rad."

Tracey (l) is so rad, she used her phone to take pics (and capture memories) for Steph and her daughter, Olive, at the May 2010 craftLAB!

We appreciate the honesty about our signage blowing away!  And, we are grateful for the reminder to thank Tracey Whelpley, Owner of The Lunch Studio, who is THE biggest supporter of Flint Handmade in the Downtown Community.

So, we will be purchasing new vinyl banners featuring the FH Knuckles and a thank you gift for Tracey with our $150!

We just happened to have this photo of Jessica (l) and her friend from the 2010 Spring Craft Market in front of our old FH banner at The Lunch Studio!  At our October craftLAB, the wind ripped this 2+ year old paper banner off its grommets, so we desperately needed new signage!

Jessica graciously declined the 10% of the $150, so we will be giving her $15 worth of Flint Handmade merch of her choice!  We want as many Knuckles out in the community as possible!  :)


  1. Aww, that's awesome you guys!!

  2. The next time I'm at the Lunch Studio I'll pick something out. You guys are swell!

  3. Woot! Yay go Tracey!