Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CRAFT TUTORIAL: Pumpkin Painting with Special Guest Milo!

Posted by Crystal

Back in August, I posted a Craft Tutorial on 3D Children's Drawing Cards.  2-year-old Milo and I spent the afternoon hanging out and making cards for his mom, Michelle, for her birthday. 

We had such a good time and I asked Michelle if I could take Milo out for an afternoon every other month.  She knows how much I love Milo, so she readily agreed!

Milo's adorable enthusiasm just makes me feel so creative, so I've decided to try to post a craft tutorial in connection with each of our bi-monthly playdates.  :)

Yesterday, I took Milo to Porter's Orchard and Cider Mill in Goodrich to pick pumpkins from the pumpkin patch!

Milo "rode" the Porter's Express wooden train....

...went on the slide 8653434 times...

...petted the farm animals...

...climbed back on the train...

...sampled the apple cider...

...until, FINALLY, he was ready to go out to the pumpkin patch!

Milo searched very carefully to find the perfect pumpkins for himself, me and his mom.  As you may have noticed, Michelle made sure he wore his "My Aunt ROCKS" shirt...which made me feel so supercool!

We paid for the pumpkins plus some delicious cider and donuts.  On the way out, I asked Milo to sit in front of the mums on Porter's front porch for the perfect autumn photo.

Then, we went to my house and sat on the front porch to eat our donuts and drink our cider...

...and Milo thoroughly enjoyed his donut as the end to a fun-filled day with Auntie Crystal!

When I took Milo back home, I was so excited to find out that Michelle used her free time to make more of her awesome tie wallets for Aisle 3!

So, what craft tutorial will you lovely blog readers be getting as a result of my October playdate with Milo?

PUMPKIN PAINTING!  A co-worker had a painted pumpkin on her desk and it just looked so crafty cute, I knew I had to try painting a pumpkin! 

FYI: I painted my pumpkin after I took Milo home, but this craft tutorial is definitely kid-friendly...provided you keep an eye on the paint.  ;)

Pumpkin Painting

1) Newspaper or Butcher Paper (to protect your table)
2) Water and a Towel
3) Pumpkin(s)
4) Sealer (decoupage glue works great)
5) Wax Paper
6) Acrylic Paint
7) Paintbrushes (or other tools to apply paint)

Step 1: Cover your table with newsprint or butcher paper to protect it.

Step 2: Rinse any dirt off of your pumpkin with water.  Dry thoroughly with a towel.

Step 3: Apply a coat of sealer to the skin of your clean, dry pumpkin.  Decoupage glue works great and I got mine for free at the August 2010 Craft Supply Swap!  Set sealed pumpkin on wax paper to keep it from sticking to butcher paper.  Allow to dry per instructions on sealer.

Step 4: Use acrylic paint to decorate your pumpkin.  I used the eraser of a new pencil to create perfect little polka dots on my pumpkin.  Allow to dry per instructions on paint.

Step 5: Set your pumpkin out and enjoy!


  1. Awe! You are a rockin' auntie! Another awesome adventure with Milo and a very pretty pumpkin to boot! :)


  2. Milo is still talking about it today. We'll be decorating our pumpkins soon!

  3. Very cute... Milo and the pumpkin!

    More tutorials please!