Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Handy, Crafty, DIY Folks of Maker Faire in Detroit!

Posted by Crystal
I have always loved Craft: magazine.  I remember the flutter of sheer joy I felt in my chest when I saw the first edition at Border's.  "These are my people," I thought....and probably said out loud!  I have been known to talk to myself.  ;)

Anyway, I was super bummed when it was announced that Craft: would no longer print the magazine after Volume 10 featuring the hilarious and crafty Amy Sedaris.  (Inside Joke Alert: "Looks better on the floor, Dave!")

Fortunately, Craft: still maintains an awesome website dedicated to transforming traditional craft.

ANNNNNND...Craft:'s partner publication Make: magazine is still in print!  In fact, Volume 23 just came out.  Make: focuses on technology, electronics and gadgets.  It really taps the DIY resurgence that our country is experiencing right now

How do I know?

I went to the Motor City Maker Faire in Detroit last weekend!

May I just say...WOW!  I was so supremely impressed with all the handy, crafty, DIY folks showing off their awesome creations.

Bre from MakerBot Industries promoting their 3D Printer.  MakerBot was on the cover of Volume 21 of Make.

Matt of i3 Detroit built this DIY organ out of glass jugs (beer growlers), garden hose, garbage bags and duct tape.  I love the crazy things that people create just for the love of making!

So, totally random, but I ran into a band at Maker Faire that I saw a while back at The Flint Public Library!  This is Light in August.  Alex (vocals and guitar) is in the middle, Mark (bass and vocals) is on the right and Alex's brother Paul is on the left.  I like them all that much more for being fans of Maker Faire!

Rick casts aluminum.  He recommends Backyard Metal Casting for all your casting needs!  Rick teaches jewelrymaking classes, too...I totally wanna take his class!  He was a super nice and funny presenter, so I'm sure he'll be a great teacher.  :)

This cast came out a little wonky, which is why Rick displayed show us what NOT to do!

Artists from several foundries in Chicago, including Happy Accident Sculpture Studio and  Chicago Crucible, joined forces to do an amazing Iron Pour demonstration.

Get your fresh baked cannonballs!  Only $20!  Joe Sandor was the mastermind behind the Iron Pour.  Thanks for making a point to display the pieces to all of us in the audience, Joe!

This is a sweet laser engraver.  It will be housed at Maker Works in Ann Arbor.  Maker Works is a 10,000 square foot workshop full of modern tools that will be opening in Spring 2011.  I can't wait!!!

 Lish of Handmade Detroit holds it down at the Craft: table.  Handmade Detroit organized a Craft Faire within the Maker cool is that?!?

FH Director of Sales & Merchandising Amy (l) and I in front of her Made With Luv booth at the Craft Faire! 

I love when I find crafts for guys!  These ties from Cyberoptix are suh-weet!  I might try to make some with my Yudu.  ;)

More guy-friendly crafts!  Cutie robot head magnets from Deanne of by deets (who I met at Baar Bazaar).

I did not catch this gal's name, but her yarn was adorable.  Check it out at hands + notions.

Julie from Nourishing Notes is so stinkin' nice...and her cards rock, too!  Perfect for the foodie in your life.

Nayyirah of Crochet Science (l) and Erin of Stone Sheep rep for Flinttown!

Tuesday of MuggyTuesday is the sweetest!  She and her sister came all the way from Chicago to vend with us at our 2010 Spring Craft Market.

Allie from Mitten Made!  When I finally get a chance to post about my trip to The Blue House in Ann Arbor, you will see the awesome crocheted flower brooch I bought from Allie.  ;)

Sara from Broadstreet creates the most awesome upcycled necklaces from vintage jewelry.  I absolutely adore her work!

Olivera from my favorite craft store in Columbus, Ohio!  You may recall my Wholly Craft road trip blog post from June.  Wholly Craft is totally awesome in store and on the road!

Stephanie (l) and Amy of Handmade Detroit with their pinata friend. 

Thanks so much for working to put this show on, ladies of HD!  I hope Maker Faire and Craft Faire come back again to The Henry Ford again next year!


  1. hey! thanks for the mention + link! the show was so much fun :)

  2. Thanks for commenting! Now I know your name is Faun! Lol