Saturday, June 11, 2011

Second Saturday Giveaway: Win an Zipper Flower from Heather of Re-Zip It!

Posted by Crystal Pepperdine, Founder and Executive Director of Flint Handmade

For our June Second Saturday Giveaway, we are featuring Re-Zip It! by Heather Sennabaum.

This is Heather in her dedicated craftroom with her display shelf and super organized baskets of color-coordinated vintage zippers.

Here's a close up of the display shelf...

...and of the baskets of zippers!

I asked Heather to tell me about her workspace:

"I love my work space! I recently moved from a room in the basement into this beautiful space upstairs. At first, I was thinking about changing the wall color because I like to work in bright spaces, but I love it now that I have used lighter colors to off set the dark purple.

I love being able to have a functional work space that has been designed by using all re-used materials. I am trying to change my ways and use the old goodies around the house rather than re-designing in all new stuff.

Instead of buying new pictures for my walls I have used fabric and scrap book paper in frames. I just love the way it all turned out! Nothing matches and I love it that way!"

Some of Heather's re-used fabric and paper in frames is visible in the above are more of her zippers!

Heather keeps her zippers and her finished zipper products very organized in clear containers on shelves in her closet... 

...except when I make her pull them all out so I can take a picture!  :)

Although it's quite obvious, I still had to as Heather to tell me about her favorite craft tool/material:

"This is easy........the zipper! I love hunting for zippers. I love seeing what the possible oldest zipper I can get is. I also love seeing all the deals I can get on someone's unwanted zippers."

And, Heather makes good use of ALL parts of the zipper! 

We are SOOOO excited that she is allowing us to debut her newest zipper creation HERE on the Flint Handmade blog...

...zipper pull earrings!  How clever is that???

Heather is also working on zipper rings as pictured above and in the close-up shot below.

I asked Heather how she came up with the name Re-Zip It!:

"Re-Zip It! was named by my brother, Todd.  He came up with the name Zip It! and I add "Re-" to Zip to empahsize the the fact that all of my zippers are re-used."

The "Re-" part of Re-Zip It! came in handy when Heather entered The Art of ReUse Contest and came in as a Top Ten Finalist! 

But, Heather has been remaking and upcycling before upcycling was even a word! 

Check out Heather's awesome bulletin boards in her craftroom.  Can you tell what the push pins are made of?

Heather made push pins out of vintage jewelry!  Yet another super clever upcycling idea!

She has a whole box of vintage costume jewelry that she would like to work with in the future.  I asked her what other projects she wanted to work on:

"I always am dreaming up new projects in my head. Presently, I am pretty focused on zippers because they are what is hot for me at the moment. Other than that, I am focused on a couple projects in my house."

The rest of Heather's house was immaculately decorated, but her favorite home decor project was in her basement, where her craftroom used to be.

Heather took all of her father's old records and mounted them to the walls of her finished basement!

"When I'm working I love to listen to music. I love all types of music. For some reason I have been listening to Dave Matthews again for the past couple weeks. Not sure what has inspired me to listen to him again."

We took a trip back upstairs and Heather posed for a photo with her laptop, since she often online on Etsy.  She posts her goods there and also interacts with other crafters often on the forums, which she believes is a very imporant business practice.

Finally, I asked Heather how she got into crafting:

"I believe that I was born to craft, it is in my blood. I can't remember a time I wasn't trying to be creative. It's just what I do!"

Well, we at Flint Handmade thinks Heather does what she was born to do VERY well and we are excited to have one of her vintage zipper creations for our giveaway!

This yellow zipper flower and glass vase is the EXACT same one in the very first and second picture on this blog post!  Heather took it right off of her display shelf on the wall to give to one very lucky blog reader!

For YOUR chance to win the Zipper Flower in a glass vase (valued at $20), just complete steps A and B:

A) Follow Flint Handmade via the blog, Twitter, Google Reader or whatever newfangled "following application" tickles your fancy. Or, if you don't do the whole following thing, email us at and we will add you to our email list.

B) Leave us a comment in response to this blog post by 5pm on Saturday, June 18, 2011 answering the following 2 questions:

1) How do you follow us?

2) What other products would you like to see Heather make out of zippers?

Please be sure to answer BOTH questions to qualify for the drawing.

The winner will be selected at random and posted on the blog within one week after the deadline. The winner will have 30 days to claim the prize.

We hope to hear from YOU and we hope you enjoyed our June Second Saturday Giveaway!

NOTE: We will be taking July off from the Second Saturday Giveaway, but we will be back in August with another great giveaway featuring a local crafter!



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