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Second Saturday Giveaway: Win Photo Coasters & More by Kate of Chicaloo!

Posted by Crystal Pepperdine, Founder and Executive Director of Flint Handmade

For our February Second Saturday Giveaway, we are featuring Chicaloo Photography and More by Kate Kehoe!

This is Kate in her apartment living room with THE MOST AWESOME library card catalog ever!

We didn't even make it to her actual workspace and already I had to start taking pictures of the many crafty projects and supplies she has stashed all over her apartment!

Kate bought the (extremely solid and heavy) card catalog from a local library that was transitioning to an electronic catalog.  It is filled with old catalog cards that she uses as covers for small spiral bound notebooks.  I love clever upcycling ideas!

In front of the card catalog is Kate's knitting stand.  She got it for $3 at a garage sale and it is ridiculously adorable.

I paused after all of the card catalog awesomeness to ask Kate how she came up with her company name:

"This was a harder decision than one would think. I discarded a lot of names before deciding on Chicaloo. It is a term of endearment that I call some of my friends.  I thought it was appropriate since they are the ones who supported me at the beginning of my crafty career."

It's always our friends who support us at the beginning, right?  We crafters make gifts for our friends and family who encourage us to sell them and off we go!

In the corner of Kate's living room are about 6 crates of records that she uses to make her record album notebooks and bowls.  On top of those records is Kate's muppet, Rhoda. 

Kate saw a super cute video on YouTube of a man who proposed to his girlfriend with muppets and became smitten with the idea of owning her own muppet.  After a particularly hectic craft show season, Kate decided to get Rhoda as a treat for herself.  :)

Now, rest assured, those 6 crates of records in the corner are only the tip of the iceberg...Kate's entire hallway is lined with crates of records!

Kare beams with pride at her massive record collection.  We crafters love our collections, don't we?

Kate took me into the kitchen next and showed off her ingenious idea for storing her finished product magnets that she posts on her Etsy...just put 'em on the fridge!  They don't get scratched up and she can easily grab one off if it sells.

Speaking of collections, Kate is a former Catholic and still has an impressive shelf of Virgin Mary statues and candles that serve as artistic and colorful inspiration.

And, now, we finally reach Kate's actual craftroom!  I asked Kate about her workspace:

"I picked this apartment because of the space I now use as my craft room. That and the numerous closets that now hold supplies and finished product. Of course there is never enough storage space. I love to surround myself with the work of artists I admire it helps to keep me inspired." 

Kate definitely loves to surround herself with the work of other artists.  Immediately to the right in her craftroom is a wall collage of framed art prints.

The inspirational art must be working, because Kate had a substantial list of record album notebooks to make...

...and two big stacks of notepads featuring her original photography covers to bind!

Kate also has a very clever way of making sure she has the same number of pages in her notepads.  Instead of counting them all out by hand, she just weighs them on a ditigal kitchen scale!  Brilliant! 


Clever gal that she is, Kate uses decorative file folders for the back covers of her photo notepads.

With all of her various creative projects, I asked Kate how she got into crafting:

"I have always been someone who has to keep my hands busy. I can't watch a movie without making something at the same time. The start of my craft business was a result of a Fire Mountain Gems catalog and a case of Mono. I needed something to keep me busy that wasn't going to wear me out and jewelry fit the bill. I made jewelry for several years until Carpal Tunnel put an end to that. A boyfriend gave me a camera and that started me on a photo based business." 

Kate's photos make excellent notepad covers and magnets...

...especially now that she owns a rectangle magnet/button maker! 

"Besides my camera I would have to say that my favorite tool is my new rectangle magnet/button maker. It is also the most expensive piece of equipment I have ever owned. I waited several years before committing to buying it."

In addition to her new rectangle magnet/button maker, Kate also has lots of very well organized craft tools like scissors and pliers in cute pots and glasses on her windowsill.

In the corner opposite the window wall is Kate's ENORMOUS stash of records bowls.  If you want a particular album as a bowl, Kate probably has it!

Next to the record bowls are art books and a magnetic board.  Can you see the FH Knuckles sticker in the upper right hand corner of the board?  ;)

As we wrapped up, I asked Kate what projects she would like to work on in the future:

"I have a couple projects in the works including Photo Night Lights and album bookends or coat hooks. I would love to do some more collaborations with other artists."

Well, we haven't collaborated yet, but Kate and I made a great trade at the end of her photoshoot.  In exchange for a custom record notebook, I gave her a pistachio shell flower brooch...

...which I promptly made her put on so I could take this gorgeous pic!

We at Flint Handmade are so excited to have some of Kate's awesome Chicaloo Photography and More creations for our February Second Saturday Giveaway!

Kate donated a little grab bag of some of her most popular items:

I Have Not Yet Lived Graffiti Notepad
Gnome Liberation Front Pocket Mirror
Oh Waitress! Coasters (featuring Flint's Colonial Restaurant!)
County Fair Fun Slide Magnet

For YOUR chance to win Chicaloo's Grab Bag (valued at $26), just complete steps A and B:

A) Follow Flint Handmade via the blog, Twitter, Google Reader or whatever newfangled "following application" tickles your fancy. Or, if you don't do the whole following thing, email us at and we will add you to our email list.

B) Leave us a comment in response to this blog post by 5pm on Saturday, February 19, 2010 answering the following 2 questions:

1) How do you follow us?

2) Which album covers would you like to see Kate make into notebooks?

Please be sure to answer BOTH questions to qualify for the drawing.

The winner will be selected at random and posted on the blog within one week after the deadline. The winner will have 30 days to claim the prize.

We hope to hear from YOU and we hope you enjoyed our February Second Saturday Giveaway!


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