Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Local + Food + Craft = Revolutionary Bread

Posted by Crystal Pepperdine, Founder and Executive Director of Flint Handmade

As many of you know, I am only spending money on necessities this year as part of my Not Buying It Project.

Food, of course, is a necessity and I try to do my grocery shopping at the Flint Farmers' Market and Witherbee's Market and Deli as much as possible to support local producers and businesses.

And, now, I am excited to report that I will be buying the vast majority of my bread from one of my fellow crafters!

Nayyirah Shariff is a local community activist, crochet artist and now baker of some of the most delicious bread in Flint! 

Nayyirah recently lauched Revolutionary Bread, a baking company based out of her own home kitchen. 

Revolutionary Bread sells affordable breads, confections and sweets made from natural ingredients from Michigan and/or union businesses.  No commerical food dyes or preservatives are used.

In her Evolution of Revolutionary Bread Manifesto, Nayyirah says:

"Revolutionary Bread began from a need to preserve some of the culinary and confectionary history around the world.

Food is an equalizer. No matter our age, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, national origin, religion, or gender we all have to eat. We have the right to eat high quality nutritious food that's not laden with preservatives.

Quality homemade goods are being discarded in favor of manufactured commercial products. Mediocrity has been masquerading as the accepted status quo for so long that it's a shock to be exposed to greatness, let alone great food."

Allow me to vouch for the greatness of Revolutionary Bread!

For my first order, I bought a round loaf of the bread of the month (double cheddar bread on the left) and a round loaf of oat bread (right).

The double cheddar bread was like puffy, delicious Goldfish cracker and the oat bread was so sweet and tasty.  Yum!

Revolutionary Bread offers the following flavors:

Anadama Bread
Cheddar Bread
Irish Soda Bread
Oat Bread
Sourdough bread
Wheat Bread
White Bread
Bread of the Month
Candy of the Month

Revolutionary Bread is available in braided, round, pan loaf, or oblong styles.  You can also pick freestyle and allow it to be baker's choice!  Each loaf is $6.

Vegan, gluten free or sugar free bread is available by request for approximately $2-$3 extra.

Not only is the bread delicious, the Revolutionary Bread logo is awesome, too!  It was created by another local artist, Eric Lillieberg, who has vended at previous Flint Handmade Markets. 

Nayyirah also hopes to sew some of her own reuseable bread bags soon. 

Isn't it great how much craftiness is involved in making and selling bread?!  Flint Handmade definitely wants to support our local food crafters!

Revolutionary Bread is made once a week on Sunday. All orders placed before Saturday evening will be made on Sunday and ready for pick up on Monday between 2pm-4pm at The Lunch Studio.  Arrangements can be made if you can't pick up your order at this time.  Cash and credit/debit cards accepted. 

To place your order, contact Nayyirah Shariff at revolutionarybreadmi@gmail.com or 810.610.3681.

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