Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Yarn Bomb" Public Craft Project for Craft City at Buckham Alley Fest!

Flint Handmade is again taking over the sidewalk next to the Rutherford Parking Structure during Buckham Alley Fest on Saturday, July 14, 2012 in Downtown Flint for the Second Annual Flint Handmade Craft City! 

Craft City is a self-contained DIY community within Buckham Alley Fest to support the craft businesses our generous members.

We will feature jewelry, bath & body products, clothes, accessories, plush toys, papercrafts and much more, including a free gift for visiting the Flint Handmade table.

NEW FOR 2012: We are featuring a "Yarn Bomb" Public Craft Project in Craft City! 

In addition to bringing craft to the streets during Buckham Alley Fest, the "Yarn Bomb" Public Craft Project will include opportunities for learning how to crochet/knit for beginners as well as social crocheting/knitting for all skill levels in June and early July in Downtown Flint!

For information on participating in the "Yarn Bomb" Public Craft Project, email us at

For information on vending at or attending Craft City at Buckham Alley Fest, visit OUR BRAND NEW WEBSITE at

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  1. I can't wait for Buckham Alley Fest. We had so much fun last year and I bought some really awesome stuff. Everyone should go!