Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Applications to the 2012 Spring Craft Market

Posted by Crystal Pepperdine, Founder and Executive Director of Flint Handmade

We will be announcing the selected vendors for the 2012 Spring Craft Market very soon!

In the meantime, we wanted to provide some general information about the applications we received and selected.

Total Applications Received: 103
Vendor Spaces Available: 44

Due to space limitations, we were only able to select fewer than 1 in 2 applicants (42.7%).

We assigned every application to one of 10 primary craft categories.

Total Applications Received by Primary Craft Category

1) Ceramic/Pottery: 3 Applications (3% of Total Applications)
2) Bath & Body Products: 5 Applications (5%)
3) Plush/Toys/Baby/Kids: 6 Applications (6%)
4) Clothes/Shirts: 8 Applications (8%)
5) Purses/Bags: 8 Applications (8%)
6) Fashion/Hair Accessories: 10 Applications (10%)
7) Paper Goods/Art/Photography: 10 Applications (10%)
8) Home Decor/Housewares: 13 Applications (13%)
9) Knit/Crochet: 13 Applications (13%)
10) Jewelry: 27 Applications (26%)

To ensure a wide variety of unique, handmade handmade goods, we selected 2-6 vendors from each of the 10 primary craft categories. 

The final tally shows that each of the 10 craft categories make up 5% to 14% of the selected applications.

Selected Applications by Primary Craft Category

Ceramic/Pottery: 2 Applications (5% of Selected Applications)
Bath & Body Products: 4 Applications (9%)
Plush/Toys/Baby/Kids: 5 Applications (11%)
Clothes/Shirts: 3 Applications (7%)
Purses/Bags: 4 Applications (9%)
Fashion/Hair Accessories: 5 Applications (11%)
Paper Goods/Art/Photography: 6 Applications (14%)
Home Decor/Housewares: 6 Applications (14%)
Knit/Crochet: 3 Applications (7%)
Jewelry: 6 Applications (14%)

We also make every effort to feature new and returning vendors.

Selected Vendors by Previous Vendor Status
New Vendor: 16 Vendors (36% of Selected Vendors)
Returning from 2011 Holiday Craft Market: 20 Vendors (45%)
Vended at Previous Flint Handmade Event (Not 2011 Holiday Craft Market): 8 Vendors (18%)

We also tracked how many selected vendors are Flint Handmade members.

Selected Vendor by Flint Handmade Membership Status
Members: 14 Members (32% of Selected Vendors)
Non-Members: 30 Non-Members (68%)

Note: Flint Handmade membership status has no impact in the vendor selection process for our Spring or Holiday Craft Markets.  However, members of Flint Handmade will be invited to participate in a special members only vending opportunity in the future.

So, there you have it! 

Although we are not able to select all applicants, we feel that we have lined up an excellent array of new and returning vendors whose handmade goods represent a large variety and fair distribution of craft categories!

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  1. The diversity in selecting the craft market vendor was superb. This is an excellent opportunity for shoppers to see a variety of wares.