Thursday, January 12, 2012

3rd Annual Winter Craft Supply Swap Schedule and Announcements!

Posted by Crystal Pepperdine, Founder and Executive Director of Flint Handmade

Are you READY TO SWAP?!?

Here's the schedule for our 3rd Annual Winter Craft Supply Swap on Sunday, February 5th:

Noon: Swappers sign in at the Flint Handmade Registration Table inside The Lunch Studio and receive a number in the order of arrival.  The first person to arrive gets #1, the second person gets #2 and so on.

If you brought supplies to swap, a Flint Handmade volunteer will take your donations and sort them onto the appropriate tables.

We're tight on space since it's too cold to use the sidewalk for tables like we did at the Swap last summer, so fabric, yarn and some other supplies will be in the small back room of The Lunch Studio.

12:15pm:  Swappers #1 through #5 get to take whatever they want from the back room while remaining Swappers get to help themselves to front room supplies (scrapbook paper, craft books, patterns, etc.)! 

Every 15 minutes (or when the back room clears out), the next 5 Swappers will be called by number to help themselves to the supplies in the back room.

As more Swappers arrive, volunteers will place their items on the appropriate tables.  Occasionally, we may need to ask all Swappers to have a seat for a few minutes while we restock and tidy up the tables.

2:30pm:  The volunteers will start packing up any remaining supplies.  We will store the more popular supplies to bring out again for our 4th Annual Summer Craft Supply Swap on August 5, 2012. 

Any leftover supplies will be donated to a local charity.  If you think you might want something, now is the time to grab it!

3:00pm:  The Swap ends and we have to clear out of The Lunch Studio!

Here are some helpful general announcements about the Swap:

1) Remember to bring your own tote bags or you may purchase Flint Handmade grocery totes for $3 each at the Swap.

2) You may take as much or as little as you like (within reason) whether your brought supplies to swap or not.  "Within reason" generally means no more than 4 grocery totes of supplies, but we are flexible.  If you are unsure, ask a volunteer.

3) The Swap is FREE!  Of course, we are a nonprofit organization, so donations are always welcome and a donation jar will be available at the Registration Table.  :)

4) Members get early access to the Swap!  If you are a member of Flint Handmade, you are welcome to join us at 11:30am for first dibs.  New members are welcome!  Download our membership brochure HERE.

5) If you are not a member, please be sure to arrive no earlier than 11:55am.  We promise there will still be LOTS of supplies for you to take!

6) The Flint Handmade Registration Table inside The Lunch Studio will be open during the entire Swap and you MUST sign in to participate.

7) The Lunch Studio will be open for business, so you can grab lunch at anytime and then do some more swapping!

8) If you would like to volunteer at the Swap, please email us at  We need volunteers for 2 shifts: 11am-1pm and 1pm-3pm.  Volunteers will receive a special thank you gift!

9) Please make sure that any supplies you bring are clean and in good condition.

10) Our Swaps are held on the first Sunday of very February and August from Noon-3pm at The Lunch Studio, so if you can't make this Swap, you can always join us later in the year!

If you have any questions, please email us at!

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