Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get Your Valentine's Day Gifts at the Flint Handmade Shop in The Lunch Studio!‏

Want to get your sweetheart something special for Valentine's Day?

Visit the Flint Handmade Shop in The Lunch Studio
for the perfect Valentine's Day cards and gifts!

handmade goods from the following local crafters:



  1. I like the tees, however I cannot do long and fitted. Those two words are in direct opposition to my figure. Do you ever carry regular tees?

  2. Hi! We carry men's and women's sizes of shirts as well as onesies, toddler and youth sizes.

    The men's shirts are not as fitted as the women's shirts and the youth shirts are not as long. We hope you can find something that fits!

  3. awesome! i wish we had a sweet handmade shop like yours near us!