Sunday, February 7, 2010

Forget the Superbowl! We've Got the Craft Supply Swap!

Flint Handmade hosted the SUPEREST Craft Supply Swap EVER!!!  We had about 30 people swapping all kinds of awesome craft supplies.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out!

Let the swap begin!

Mary (l) and April check out the FREE embroidery floss.

This was Nicole's first swap...she loved it so much that she's coming back in August!

Kelly (l) and Glo look at all the great supplies!

Sarah (l) and Steph introduce baby Olive to the awesomeness that is CRAFT!

Ali shows off her new FH tote!

Michelle, FH Director of Technology, gets in on some swap action. :)

Palina drove from all the way from West Bloomfield for the Craft Supply Swap!  (Please email us if we spelled your name wrong!)

The woman in the pink scarf is Amy.  She is our Director of Sales and is organizing the Flint Handmade store display at The Lunch Studio.  Christa, Ali and Michelle (l-r) keep her company while she works on consignment agreements.  You rock, Amy!

Digging in on the great FREE supplies!

Crystal is the Executive Director of Flint Handmade.  Yes, that is indeed a big smile of satisfaction, because the swap turned out so well!

Nayyirah (l) and Tracey check out the goodies.

Nayyirah LOVES her new FH tote!

Kids love FH merch, too!

For more pictures from the Craft Supply Swap, please visit

ATTENTION SWAP ATTENDEES: Please be sure to share photo's of the awesome crafts you make with the supplies you got at the swap.  We want to feature you and your work on our blog!  Either post them to the I HEART Flint Handmade flickr group, or email us at

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